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Stamperia Bertozzi

Bowl Centerpiece in porcelain

Bowl Centerpiece in porcelain

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Bowl Centerpiece in Gold Porcelain

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Wonderful object of high Italian artistic craftsmanship.

Bowl Centerpiece in porcelain covered on the bottom with a layer of pure gold.

Impress your guests with a unique and original piece.

Imagine your wonderful porcelain centerpiece in your living room.

Made with first choice kaolin cooked at very high temperatures to create an object that lasts a lifetime.

This large porcelain bowl is handmade with irregularly shaped edges which is synonymous with craftsmanship and gives that touch of originality to the product

Comes with manufacturer's certificate in a valuable box.

Excellent and precious gift idea also for a wedding or for special occasions.

The shipment of the porcelain is ensured by perfect packaging.

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Specifiche prodotto

Altezza: 10 cm

Composizioni: Porcellana

Decorazione: Oro

Diametro: 44 cm