Collection: Montetiffi terracotta pans


Exclusive sale of trays of montetiffi in terracotta for the preparation of the Romagna piadina, as the Romagna azdores once did. The montetiffi pan is made in Italy in the small town of Sogliano in Emilia Romagna. While cooking the piadina on this pan, it releases aromas and flavors that are unimaginable with other pans. With instructions for use and the bag of bran for the first cooking. This is the place where to buy montetiffi trays.

You must know that once upon a time there were no pans that you know today for cooking Romagna piadine but they were cooked on a sheet of iron by the asdores of the Romagna house (housewife), or for those who could on a clay pan. Today we re-propose the same kitchen tool revisited in a modern key.