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Romagna Mia

Half liter pitcher for wine and water

Half liter pitcher for wine and water

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Half-litre ceramic carafe for wine and water for taverns with Romagna prints


Hand-decorated ceramic mug, 1/2 liter capacity, available in rust, blue and red colours.

Carafe for water wine

Made of sturdy ceramic, it is a tableware product that will amaze you with bright, well-defined colors and the brightness of the ceramic.

Practical and economical mug for water or wine and all kinds of drinks.

The Mug is handmade by craftsmen which gives it the uniqueness of the decoration.

Mouth diameter of 10 cm.

Height 15cm.

Half liter ceramic mug with Romagna prints

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Specifiche prodotto

Altezza: 15 cm

Capienza: 1/2 litro

Composizioni: Ceramica

Decorazione: Girasoli

Diametro: 10 cm