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Porcelain bowl Ciottolo Collection

Porcelain bowl Ciottolo Collection

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Handmade porcelain bowl.


Small porcelain bowls made and decorated by hand, to be used in many ways, for desserts, fruit, candies, chocolates, rice.

It can also be used as a pocket emptier or in the bathroom for soap, in short, with a little imagination it can be used in many environments, they are all unique pieces, each one has different details, from which their particularity derives.

They can also be ordered in other colors, produced in Italy by expert craftsmen by Bertozzi.

The indicated price refers each.

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Specifiche prodotto

Altezza: 5 cm

Composizioni: Porcellana

Diametro: 13 cm

Lavaggio: Lavastoviglie

Note: I prodotti in ceramica, porcellana e vetro sono realizzati e dipinti a mano da artigiani italiani rendendolo un esclusivo oggetto e non replicabile. I prodotti sono realizzati senza l'utilizzo di sostanze di origine animale e con materiali atossici