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Stamperia Bertozzi

Handmade porcelain bowl with rim.

Handmade porcelain bowl with rim.

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Luxurious and Precious handmade porcelain bowls

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Precious handmade porcelain bowls also available with different colors and decorations.

Bowls with border in pure gold , blue, light blue or white.

More than 6 colors of your choice are also made to order.

Perfect for a lunch of rice, gazpacho or sushi combined with a wonderful tray.

Or they are elegant porcelain bowls to be used individually as scattered containers for your living room, candy holder, chocolate holder or for small appetizers and appetizers.

In this product the craftsman has given fruit to his experience by creating wonderful bowls with pure gold and painted porcelain. Objects that due to their small size are difficult to make. Mixtures of Kaolin and other top quality ingredients guarantee resistance and shine to these bowls.

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Specifiche prodotto

Altezza: 5 cm

Composizioni: Porcellana

Diametro: 13 cm

Manifattura: 100% Artigianato Italiano

Note: I prodotti in ceramica, porcellana e vetro sono realizzati e dipinti a mano da artigiani italiani rendendolo un esclusivo oggetto e non replicabile. I prodotti sono realizzati senza l'utilizzo di sostanze di origine animale e con materiali atossici