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Linen Cushion Cover / Pillowcase L'Heure Bleue Collection

Linen Cushion Cover / Pillowcase L'Heure Bleue Collection

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100% Linen Canvas Cushion Cover L'Heure Bleue Collection.


Cushion covers in Linen Canvas, a thicker woven linen than the one used for tablecloths, sheets or curtains, but always very soft and elegant, easy to use bag closure.

Beautiful for the sofa and also for the garden furniture, they make a complete and elegant environment, handmade by expert craftsmen and decorated with ancient printing techniques by the Bertozzi printing house.

It is also possible to order them in other colors or designs.

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Specifiche prodotto

Composizioni: Lino

Decorazione: L'Heure Bleue

Larghezza: 5050 cm

Lavaggio: Lavatrice 60°

Note: Il prodotto è fatto con autentiche ed antiche tecniche di stampe a mano su pregiato tessuto, la differenza tra altri prodotti serigrafici a basso costo