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Stamperia Bertozzi

Deep plates handmade in porcelain and gold

Deep plates handmade in porcelain and gold

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Plates in Porcelain decorated in full Gold.


Gorgeous handmade porcelain plates with pure gold background.

A true masterpiece of Italian artistic craftsmanship.

This is a precious piece of furniture handmade with top quality kaolin fired several times at high temperature which produces a resistant and shiny porcelain to embellish the dining room or living room of the house.

The hand-making of these dishes gives the product a uniqueness that cannot be found and cannot be repeated in other products.

These porcelain and gold plates are also suitable as a wedding gift or for special occasions that require an object that will last forever.

The shipment of the porcelain is guaranteed by perfect and safe packaging.

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Specifiche prodotto

Altezza: 5 cm

Composizioni: Porcellana

Decorazione: Oro

Diametro: 20 cm

Note: I prodotti in ceramica, porcellana e vetro sono realizzati e dipinti a mano da artigiani italiani rendendolo un esclusivo oggetto e non replicabile. I prodotti sono realizzati senza l'utilizzo di sostanze di origine animale e con materiali atossici